Design Agencies: All you need to know in one blog.

Design Agencies: All you need to know in one blog.

Design agencies are becoming more popular than ever. In the last ten years, their numbers have increased from 14% to 34%.

They are fast becoming an important actor in any business’s process. Their role in business success is uncontested now more than ever before as they are responsible for the way your brand is perceived by your potential customers through various services like brand identity design, graphic design, interactive design, and photography. 

Design agencies help generate revenue for businesses by including brand identity designing, graphics designing (like print ads), and interactive design (generating web pages). They also provide photography services to organizations. Companies engage with these professionals to develop a coherent visual representation of their company and brand.

  • Design on the basis of type.
  • Why design agencies?
  • What companies should look for before hiring an agency?

Let's begin with,

Design on the basis of type.

On the basis of Type, the market is segmented into Logo & Brand Identity Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, and Photography.

Brand Identity/Logo Design

A process whereby an identity is created or designed for a company is referred to as the Brand Identity Design. It involves logo design, slogan, or other visual representation of a brand. This is what users or prospective customers will see and immediately create a link up with your brand.

That is, easily identify with your products or services.  The Logo & Brand Identity Design segment is the largest in terms of revenue and this trend is expected to continue.

Graphic Design

This involves the use of visual elements like Color, typography, layout, color, illustration, etc. by graphic designers to clearly communicate or explain an idea.


Photography is a process of making images, either by exposure to light on an opaque surface such as paper or metal or in a transparent material such as water. It also encompasses computer images and methods used with digital cameras.

Interactive Design

Interactive design is the use of digital technologies to create interactive products, such as software and websites. Interactive designers are responsible for thinking about how a product will be used by its users and then creating interfaces that make those experiences intuitive. They may work on anything from simple data visualization dashboards to complex gaming systems or customized tools.

Design agencies have repurposed the domain to create more UX/UI content and influence the choices of the audience and customer. The Middleman factor got reduced, and messages and copies were directly addressed to the laypeople. Better product display and interaction ensured flocks of customers into the design industry.

Visitors turn out to be potential customers based on the stunning website according to appealing aesthetics, product servicing, or packaging and use them wisely for online retention. This is known as customer engagement. Customer engagement ensures sales and revisiting, indirectly making them profitable company assets.

Good design involves extraordinary money. Website optimization, social media outsourcing, blog covers, and client requirements use design in the most fantastic range. When these big companies use designs to convey brand value to the people, it is pretty understood that “good design means good money”.

Why design agencies?

A design agency understands the website application, its design objectives, and the target market; they welcome most opinions and discuss strategies before implementing them. An unbiased approach to these ideas will ensure creative freedom with exponential growth.

Thus, these designers produce extremely creative compositions that conform to business strategy and branding. Innovative design is all about placing every element, whether text, image, or video, in the right place. Perfect positioning of these elements is done with the right strategy, which results from research, analysis, and combined efforts.

Creating a design team from scratch requires lots of monetary backing, followed by hungry recruitment of talents. Today a preset is available where the industrial knowledge backs the team with only the installation costs required.

The agility at which problem-solving is carried out defines the team’s experience and the pace at which the design industry functions today.

The demand for a UX researcher and a motion graphics designer has increased due to booming advertising and media markets. The ability to visually represent something attracts attention and is as trending and engaging as any other business.

Design and culture go hand in hand as one will be more able to understand how an individual perceives certain design elements such as colors and symbols. Many cultural dimensions influence these perceptions, which affect the users’ decision-making. Agencies help in building design thinking and cultural cohabitation.

What companies should look for before hiring an agency?

It’s essential to know how much experience an agency has as if they have only just started, there may not be a perfect system in place when it comes to managing projects and meeting deadlines. Their commercial experience may also be limited. One should know if the potential new agency or designer has worked on something similar to the proposed project before and if they are knowledgeable about the process involved.

Most agencies have a portfolio that showcases their skillset and best projects, so taking a look at them will better understand them. “Understanding the firm’s niche”. Most design agencies would have only worked with specific clients. Exposure to a new project of a different genre will define the agency’s ability to think and deliver the outcome.

Here is a detailed blog on how to choose the right product design agency!

Go for the kill,

When there’s a need to get the product right, it’s best to go with an experienced external design agency since they have a reputation to protect and an established portfolio.

The designers and agencies focus on creating designs and making them more accessible, attractive, and enjoyable for users to use the app or website.

Designers consider the user’s needs while designing and then analyze components such as usefulness, value, credibility, and accessibility. They solve such problems as long and complicated forms, hard-to-find buttons, and visual clutter, preventing users from buying what they want from the website or page. Specialized agencies bring value and expertise to the table.

The demand for such specialized agencies will ensure responsible designs and creations over time. Lack of resources, time, correct perception, failure to project the right strategy, etc., can be why a design may not turn out as desired.

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