Developing a money management website that improves user wealth.

Website Product Design
Q`1 2022
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Our Contribution

  • UX strategy
  • Web site design
  • User testing
  • Responsive Design

Our Contribution

  • 7 months
  • (January 2018 - July 2018)

As a financial technology company, Swell Financial, Inc. helps people to Make Smart Money Moves by providing them with financial technology. Swell helps you replace your old bank account, credit card, and other personal loans.

In the beginning, we needed to know my users better, but first, we had to find them! So, we went broad and ran a survey with over 50 participants, who could be the potential users of my app, and then sat with only 5 of them that could answer the questions in my head better — in a 1:1 interview. We got to know their challenges, their needs, and other details of their lives.

Team Size
2.5 Months
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What is Znap?

A fintech platform born in the UAE providing Consumer Retention Mechanism along with smart payments to local businesses and helping customers stack up rewards via a simple secure user friendly app - Znap

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“Spoke Design Labs has gone more in-depth into usability, user roles, and UX than any other design firm I know.”

Kevin Dahlstrom, Founder and CEO at Swell

The Challenge

We recently surveyed 500 people and 99% said that their bank doesn’t help them make smart moves like reducing debt, increasing income, making smart investments, and minimizing tax. But here’s the Big Banks’ dirty secret: They DO help their rich customers make these moves. It’s called “private banking” and banks reserve their best products and services exclusively for wealthy customers.

The Goal

We started this project with a primary target in mind: to engineer a website that is effective specifically for money management. In other words, the main focus was on what they have to offer, in comparison to traditional recruitment platforms. That meant a highly complex back-end structure and an engaging, user-friendly design.

The Team

Our attention was focused on the complexity of the project, which implied a lot of resources on both sides. Therefore we cannot but compliment the awesome team behind it: a front-end developer, a designer, a QA specialist, and a product manager.



Here the users can have a holistic view of what is going on in their financial life. We tried to make it as interesting and fun as it can be, so the user doesn’t think that his finances are boring, complex, or cold.

The huge amount of content also influenced us to display most of the information with a super easy-to-read black font on a white background. Only the main features and buttons were emphasized with green and blue to make sure the user guesswork is avoided.

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Typography & Colors

Typeface Red Hat Display the idea of the website - it's simple, clear, and straightforward.

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Font Rad Hat




Designed for conversion

Our optimization processes helped Swell gain an average position in SERP of 6.2 in less than four months.



New users in a year after the launch


Conversion rate increase during pre-season


Mobile traffic conversion increase

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If you want to learn more, just ask!

If you want to learn more, just ask!

Got a project in mind? Tell us about it.