The UX Designing Market & Marketing Design's Guide.

The UX Designing Market & Marketing Design's Guide.
Marketing is done to drive in users, and UX encourages those visitors to keep coming back to your website.

Gone are those days when User Experience was considered a designers’ only cross, in the business world of today, it holds extreme importance for designers as well as marketers. For any product to flourish today, UX design and Marketing is one combination that is essential.

UX and Marketing are crucial components of brand investment. Creating a great impression regarding your product, conveying the right message, and establishing a successful brand’s perspective depends on two factors: 

1. How well you put your brand out there through digital marketing.

2. How well your website or mobile app is designed and updated, that is, the experience users get when they interact with your product.

It is therefore necessary, especially when you remember one of the characteristics of human behaviour that tells us about the dynamism of human behaviour, to develop a system or a product that is flexible enough to cater for humans and their dynamic needs. UX and Marketing Design conjugation, also called, UX Marketing Design is required. 

In this blog, we will be exploring comprehensively the concept UX Design Marketing, what it entails, its significance in today’s business world and salient examples of UX optimization in Marketing Design

Follow closely as we explore;

  • Marketing Design
  • UX Designer vs Marketing Designer
  • Significance of UX + Marketing
  • UX in Marketing Design with Examples

Starting with,

Marketing Design

Marketing design deals with the application of design principles to a marketing endeavour to achieve an ultimate goal.  It encompasses both the creation of a recognizable visual identity that will appeal to potential customers and the marketing team’s deployment of that identity in the form of internally consistent assets. Marketing design is basically an essential piece of a business’s marketing strategy.

UX Marketing Design on the other hand is basically a combination of marketing design and user experience (UX). With UX marketing designs, you’re primarily exploring ways the user experience of digital marketing media can be optimized. 

Before we go into the significance of UX Marketing Design, let’s get a clear understanding of the two roles in business growth & development; a ux designer and a marketing designer.

UX Designer vs Marketing Designer

The primary job of a user experience designer is to ensure that users experience' utmost satisfaction when using a product design interface. A marketing designer on the other hand has a primary job of communicating the value of that product to a target audience, with the aim of turning them to regular customers. A marketing designer ensures the journey a potential customer takes from seeking information about your product to taking a purchasing action is flawless. 

The major difference between them is: While a user experience designer (UX Designer) deals with people who are already on board with the product’s usage; Optimizing their journey to have a smooth experience, A marketing designer deals with people who are tagged potential, Optimizing their journey to becoming regular users.

UX Designers and Marketing Designers however should ultimately work together to increase a business’s engagement, conversions and revenue.

Now that we’ve gotten a clear understanding of the UX designer’s and marketing designer’s roles in business growth & development, let’s delve into the significance of UX Marketing Design.

Significance of UX + Marketing

How significant is UX Marketing design in the business world of today? Follow closely as we explore together,

  • Providing great customer service and ensuring an amazing experience for users is the primary goal of every business. This goal is achievable only when you have a good customer-centric UX marketing design. A good customer-centric UX marketing design guarantees a solution to users’ needs, boosts business conversion, and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

  • An amazing UX marketing design will yield the production of an unending marketing chain. If your product meets your customers at the point of their needs and they find your user Interface and experience absolutely topnotch, they will willingly spread the word about the product to others, who will as well spread the word, and so on. When this goes on, an unending chain of marketing your product is formed.

  • One other importance why you should prioritize the optimization of your website or mobile application for marketing as well as user experience (UX) is that great UX Marketing Designs compels a user to go further in their buyer's journey to complete the goal of marketing and basically makes a customer more willing to make a purchase.

UX in Marketing Design with Examples

As it has been established, UX design and marketing go hand in hand. There's a long list of designs that fall under marketing and it goes way beyond just pop-ups or banner ads. There are obvious aspects like email, social media, advertising, Company branding, etc.

We’ll be looking at, quickly with examples, the effect of optimizing aspects of digital marketing with UX Design, and how to optimize the UX of these aspects of your digital marketing.

Optimizing UX in:

  • Digital Marketing Designs
  • Website Designs

Digital Marketing Designs

UX design is extremely important in all email marketing efforts for any brand owning a website, e-shop, or mobile app. It refers to the user experience; in other words, how easy or difficult it is for the visitor to interact with the elements inside the interface created. 

In the world of today, providing a unique user experience and a creative design feel are the key ingredients to the success of your designs.

Website Designs

For user-perfected website experiences, understanding the user’s thoughts and concerns is important.

Fabricating user-centric design involves a wide range of skills that encompass creating personas, wireframes, specifications, information architectures, interaction flows, high-resolution comps, and prototypes; conducting user research, doing usability studies, and organizing content. All this sits within the fuzzy boundaries of UX design principles.

To wrap it all up,

For digital marketers, having the knowledge and utilizing UX, even at an introductory level, can greatly improve marketing campaigns. This is because having an understanding of UX design can help marketers identify snags and points of friction in their conversion funnel; instead of investing more money in new campaigns, marketing specialists can improve the performance of existing campaigns by identifying and removing blockages in their customer acquisition funnel.

In short, knowing how to improve the user experience will result in both stronger and more efficient marketing campaigns. Those two yield optimum results when combined well.

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