Top 5 UI/UX Design Agencies to work with in 2022.

 Top 5 UI/UX Design Agencies to work with in 2022.

When it comes to the digital space, user experience takes excessive precedence and is an important component in determining just how successful a product will be. To gain a competitive edge today, businesses are swiftly making investments in User Interface/User Experience Design, and whilst considering a stat like: “90% of users won’t return to a site solely due to bad UX.”, one can absolutely see why.

Great UI/UX requires dimensions of product design that not only look great but are flawless and invoke an emotional connection with users. While Some big businesses already have a department dedicated to UI/UX designs, a lot of other businesses consult and hire professional user interface/user experience (UI/UX) agencies who are equipped with researchers, consultants, UI/UX designers, and interaction designers to ensure success all around with their product. 

To help you find the right design partner for each step of your web design journey, we rank the top 5 UI/UX Design agencies around today. We’ll also touch on hiring the best UI/UX Agencies (The “How to” FAQs), so follow closely as we explore.

1. The Best 5 UI/UX Agency around today to work with, 

  • Spoke Design Labs
  • NEURON (UX/UI Design and Digital Strategy)
  • Lighthouse 
  • Clay
  • Huge

2. How to hire the best UI & UX Design Company in the World (FAQ)

Let's begin with,

  1. Spoke Design Lab.

Spoke Design Lab is a global design studio currently based in Bengaluru, India. They are unique from conventional design agencies because they don’t just design digital products that win users and their hearts, they also help solve problems and offer unbiased advice and expertise, they define the fundamentals to launch bold new brands and ensure products developed are interactively high-engaging.

  1. NEURON (UX/UI Design and Digital Strategy).

Neuron is a San Francisco-based UX/UI design agency that creates best-in-class digital experiences to help businesses succeed in today's digital world.

“Neuron seemed to have the magic blend between operating strategically and executing tactically.”

  1.  Ramotion.

Ramotin is a top digital product agency based also in San Francisco, CA, USA. From competitive analysis to interactive prototypes, Ramotion implements engaging and simple-to-use user interfaces. Their user-friendly product design helps companies achieve quantifiable business goals through output that captivates the customer and sets them apart from the competition.

  1. Clay.

Clay is a full-service UX design agency based in San Francisco, CA, USA. They work closely with clients to define, design, and develop transformative user experiences across all platforms and brand touchpoints.

  1. Huge.

Huge is a large digital agency with 13 offices around the globe specializing in strategy, user experience design, user interface, website design, and development. As a full-service UX design firm, they create mobile apps, websites, and digital experiences end-to-end.

So you’ve seen our top 5 UI/UX agencies at the moment. Well, this is not to say there aren’t others as good as this one, preference or taste differ. You probably do not have your business in the US or have a list of your own, well that’s fair. To guide you in your choice of the best UI/UX Design company, we’ve aligned for you in the remainder of this blog some relevant FAQs that would be of absolute help to you during your choice process.

How to hire the best UI & UX Design Company in the World (FAQ): FAQs on finding the right UI/UX design agency.

Q: How does a great UX design process usually go?

A: Contains 4 basic steps that do not really change, we:

  • Define the Problem — Doing your research and planning your approach.
  • Define the Solution — Brainstorming and testing ideas.
  • The Process — Refine ideas, user research, and iteration.
  • The Design — Providing your design and functional specifications to the developers.

The important themes in all the major methods are iteration and user input.

  • Define the problem:

This is basically the discovery phase. During this phase, you figure out the exact problem you’re looking to provide a solution to with your product. You clearly define the problem statement and figure out the end goal of your product.

It’s at this stage you brainstorm with stakeholders, your in-house team, or an external team of experts, conduct interviews with target users, and research into competitors. You then develop a hypothesis that will summarize the problem and its potential solution.

  • Define the solution:

This is the definition or ideation phase. At this phase, you basically ideate on the problem clearly stated in the first phase and come up with the best possible way to approach it. 

Here are some activities that take place during this phase:

  • Getting your team to collaborate on whiteboarding
  • Looking for patterns in your collated data
  • Mapping out things with sticky notes
  • And basically, a collective approach to generate lots of ideas or solutions which you can test with real users to get one that resonates well with them.

The artifacts during this phase are sketches, draft content, low-fidelity wireframes, and architectures.

  • The process:

So the initial phases all had an intent of exploring the breadth of the project. At this phase, you go right deep into the process. 

After lots of ideas have been generated in the previous phase,  

  • One or Two that stands out is selected
  • Every detail is thoroughly checked and refined
  • Low-fidelity Wireframes developed in the previous phase evolve into High-fidelity and from High-fidelity, into Prototypes
  • Graphical assets and contents are created and delivered at the end of this phase. 

Ensure user testing iterations are done at this phase. It plays a big role. and also be in contact with your stakeholders or clients at this phase, have them look at and play with the user interface prototypes, just to ensure you are all on the same page. 

  • The Design:

Finally, the final design from the previous phase is handed off to the development and testing teams. It should be a full-blown user experience at this point. All specs, high-fidelity wireframes, prototypes, text strings, and other assets are handed off. You aren’t completely done though, it’s always a good idea to work closely with the dev team making sure you can answer questions and clarify points of confusion.

Q: The most sought-after UI prototype tools?

A: There are a few popular interactive prototyping tools, e.g: Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, etc.

Q: What does a great UI/UX Design portfolio entail?

A: A great UX portfolio is defined by these elements:

  • The project’s overview
  • A breakdown of the design process
  • Steps taken during the design process
  • A quantifiable outcome of the  final design or redesign

These are very basic but important signs of a great UX design portfolio.

Q: What are the requirements UX agencies need for the effective execution of a project?

A: Some details UX agencies need to ensure products are well designed:

  • A Brief description of your business
  • Your current business goals and problem that led to hiring a UX design firm
  • Key stakeholders
  • Your Target audience
  • Your Competitors
  • Your Budget
  • Deadlines

Q: Where are the best UX design firms geographically located?

A: When it comes to locating the best UX design firms these days, physical latitude and longitude don’t make much of a difference. The tech world is getting more globalized, and remote working is becoming a thing with key players. You can be based in the US and hire a UX design firm based in India, they’ll still effectively and efficiently get the job done remotely. However, lots of UX design agencies are physically based in main tech hubs cities/countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and India.

Hiring a top-ranked UI/UX Design firm like Spoke Design Lab,

In many cases, UX design is not created once but necessitates long-term attention and development. It is usually better to work with a professional UI/UX Design company for these reasons. 

Top-class firms like Spoke Design Lab are reputable, reliable, and focused daily on perfecting their work of UX design. One benefit of hiring agencies like this is that you have the chance to get across to their previous clients and see portfolios of their work. This presents you the chance to pick an agency that reflects the overall style and essence that aligns with your organization’s needs. Because UX agencies focus on user experience design, agencies like Spoke Design Lab bring lots of experience and knowledge that is difficult to cultivate with an in-house UX design team. 

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