Jadu AR

Creating experiences that turn everyday objects, and places into new opportunities with a real-world.

Website Product Design
Q`1 2022

Our Contribution

  • UX strategy
  • Web site design
  • User testing
  • Responsive Design

Our Contribution

  • 7 months
  • (January 2018 - July 2018)

Jadu’s mobile app allows for Next-Gen AR gameplay in which NFT avatars become playable characters that can understand their surroundings, interact with the real world and use virtual objects. Jadu Hoverboards & Jetpacks are the most frequently traded, highly valued & beloved game items in Web3.

We started with seeing a narrative that frames our VR experience and figuring out what gesture we could include in the website. After all the research, our next task was to write. We are making a website that needs to develop a story that integrates all our gestures in a way that makes sense.

Team Size
2.5 Months
Food and Nutrition

What is Znap?

A fintech platform born in the UAE providing Consumer Retention Mechanism along with smart payments to local businesses and helping customers stack up rewards via a simple secure user friendly app - Znap

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“I truly value Spoke Design Labs' approach and the collaborative working relationship we have.”

Asad J. Malik, CEO at Jadu AR

The Challenge

One of the major problems they had was that their website didn’t deliver the right feeling for their innovative product, which was an obstacle to getting the right clients. Their website at that time was downgrading their creative VR thinking & this was harming their image as VR and AR.

The Goal

Although VR & AR have seen the widest mainstream appeal in mobile apps and games up to this point, web experiences are becoming more adopted. Before designing a Web VR or AR experience, it’s important to define its goal. Like designing a landing page or an e-commerce site, establishing what actions you would want the user to take and how this technology would help them reach these goals further creates engaging and seamless experiences.

The Team

Our attention was focused on the complexity of the project, which implied a lot of resources on both sides. Therefore we cannot but compliment the awesome team behind it: a front-end developer, a designer, a QA specialist, and a product manager.



The conclusion from our research was to give the target audience an inception vibe, before even opening their website. We decided to implement a lot of impressive videos and large appealing images in our design to transport the viewer into the VR experience.

Inception’s brand is mainly black with white inputs, and we decided to add an outer look to it with the trendy noonish concept which connected the website to the world of VR.


Typography & Colors

Typeface NTBau and ABC Favorit Mono are the ideas of the website - it's simple, clear, and straightforward.

Jadu Color
Font NTBau



Jadu Image

Designed for conversion

It might seem right to go the aesthetic route, but, in the long run, it can be disastrous for the business goals unless backed with the right research. But worry not! We are here to help you combine beauty with brains.



New users in a year after the launch


Conversion rate increase during pre-season


Mobile traffic conversion increase

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If you want to learn more, just ask!

If you want to learn more, just ask!

Got a project in mind? Tell us about it.