Designing a website for a mobile app that helps reduce the amount of pollution in the environment.

Website Product Design
Q`1 2022

Our Contribution

  • UX strategy
  • Web site design
  • User testing
  • Responsive Design

Our Contribution

  • 7 months
  • (January 2018 - July 2018)

Klima mobile app helps people to change the climate, when people think of climate change, they always think of what they can do alone. Klima connects those people into a community and unites them and makes some effort to get climate change.

It was, therefore, necessary for us to make a website that was to be integrated with a mobile application that already existed. We had to follow the same style guide and make the website look similar to the product itself. It has also been made possible for you to view this website on your mobile device and we've tried our best to keep it as minimal and clean as possible.

Team Size
2.5 Months
Food and Nutrition

What is Znap?

A fintech platform born in the UAE providing Consumer Retention Mechanism along with smart payments to local businesses and helping customers stack up rewards via a simple secure user friendly app - Znap

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“The most impressive thing is the overall level of care. They are extremely thoughtful and mindful and excel in risk mitigation.”

Markus Gilles, CEO at Klima

The Challenge

Therefore, while making it, for us the challenge was to keep it as clean and simple as possible because nature is always calm, and whenever we see it, it gives us peace that we cannot describe. Hence, the font color and style guide should complement nature and be very user-friendly.

The Goal

It was our primary goal to engineer a website that is specifically helpful to nature lovers when we began this project. In other words, the main focus was on what they have to offer, in comparison to the traditional mobile app. That meant a highly complex back-end structure and an engaging, user-friendly design.

The Team

Our attention was focused on the complexity of the project, which implied a lot of resources on both sides. Therefore we cannot but compliment the awesome team behind it: a front-end developer, a designer, a QA specialist, and a product manager.



We kicked off with a solid wireframe based on the business objective and the creative idea we had in mind. Then, we focused on custom features that would bring this kind of business to the next level.

The huge amount of content also influenced us to display most of the information with a super easy-to-read black font on a white background. Only the main features and buttons were emphasized with green and blue to make sure the user guesswork is avoided.

Klima ImageKlima ImageKlima Image

Typography & Colors

Typeface Red Hat Display the idea of the website - it's simple, clear, and straightforward.

Klima Color
Font Satoshi



Klima Image
Klima Image
Klima Image

Designed for conversion

Klima is a community app/website. To increase the number of users, we first created several seasonal landing pages to bring more traffic. Next, we optimized the plan selection page to help customers make decisions about plans easier, as well as optimized the checkout flow from mobile devices. As a result, we saw almost a 2x increase in conversion rate within a year after the launch.



New users in a year after the launch


Conversion rate increase during pre-season


Mobile traffic conversion increase

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If you want to learn more, just ask!

If you want to learn more, just ask!

Got a project in mind? Tell us about it.